Innovation. Commitment. Vision.

March 08, 2021 11:49 AM

As one of the most rapidly evolving industries in the world today, the automotive sector continues to imagine, create and provide some of the most revolutionary technology ever seen.


In this special 3-part series, we are pleased to be able to share insights and observations from one of the brightest minds helping to lead this contemporary high-tech revolution, Matt Fisch, Senior Vice President and CTO at Gentherm.


How Innovation and Change are Shaping the Technology Industry and Gentherm


“The car should recognize who you are, how you are feeling, and treat you accordingly from a comfort perspective.”


With breakthrough new technologies that continue to disrupt the industry they created decades ago, Gentherm provides a broad range of heating, cooling and temperature control solutions for the automotive industry. As pioneers in medical patient temperature management, their integrated global presence enables them to leverage innovations originally conceived for this division, and adapt the technology to provide customized climate control and battery thermal management solutions to serve the automotive industry.



Looking under the bonnet of Automotive Innovation at Gentherm


Over 108 years ago, Henry Ford brought a vision to life with his first automotive production line, changing the way vehicles were created forever. This same spirit of innovation lives on today at Gentherm, as they adapt to align with new propulsion systems, energy requirements and ever-increasing consumer expectations for high-tech perfection.


“It all starts with an innovative idea, but to truly disrupt an industry requires a laser focus on solving customer problems.”


In 1996, Gentherm introduced the first heated and cooled car seat based on its revolutionary thermal electric technology. Today, their team of innovators around the world continue to share ideas and ride a wave of proactive innovation, staying a step ahead of accelerating vehicle technologies and partnering with leading OEMs to deliver leading-edge solutions that provide customers with a new level of efficiency, performance and comfort.



What’s driving the future of the Automotive Industry, a view from Gentherm CTO Matt Fisch


There’s no better window on the future of automobiles than a leader at one of the companies developing technologies directly for OEMs.


“Electrification, connectivity, autonomous driving and shared mobility…will shape the industry over the next decade.”

This article invites you to take a look down the road and hear about some of the incredible new technology and human-centric features that will be commonplace in the automobiles of the very near future.