Turnkey Box-Build & PCB Board Level Manufacturing

Successful electronic control production relies on expert, leading-edge PCB assembly and manufacturing services, and we boast the experience to fill that need. Our Total Acquisition Management TM (T.A.M) system, for example, allows our customers to leave all necessary material component sourcing and production to us, providing you the most competitive pricing available. We cover all steps of the process, from control conceptualization and design to surface mount (SMT) or through-hole PCB manufacturing, as well as all mechanical operations for enclosures and fixtures.

Electronics Manufacturing
Service Provider Capabilities

Our all-inclusive PCB build capabilities include all component sourcing, installation, and assembly. Everything from standard electronic and IP&E components, to odd-form components like bulbs, relays, and connectors. No part is too difficult or out-of-reach for us to secure and integrate into your PCBs. Our high-speed SMT services feature state-of-the-art pick-and-place modules with capabilities up to 120,000 CPH, and quality check after quality check: component verification, 3D automated optical inspection (AOI), and barcode-based work order matching.

T.A.M. drives our testing and inspection processes, and we pride ourselves on providing accurate, error-free PCB assemblies and electronic controls to our customers. We utilize the most advanced modelling software for both electronic and mechanical component design.

Our electronic controls can be found in all types of products, across a variety of industries: refrigerator controls and HVAC systems in the home; LED and LCD dashboard displays, seat switches, CAN- and LIN-bus interfaces in automobiles; instrument panels, solar panels, lighting systems, door and window controls in RVs and marine vehicles.