Model No. 145
Warming Tube™

Size: 28in x 66in (71.1cm x 167.6cm)

Gentherm's Warming Tube™ is a cost-effective method of providing patient warming while maintaining full access to your patient. The Warming Tube™ is ideal for use in the PACU, ICU, OR, Cath. Lab., or Radiology. The Warming Tube™ is the most flexible method to warm patients since it may be used in almost any clinical setting.

The Warming Tube™ surrounds your patient keeping them enclosed in warmth through "surround-air", distortion of radiographic images or interference with the critical performance of imaging equipment can be avoided. Used outside of the imaging field, the Warming Tube™ does not interrupt the flow of electronic information between imaging equipment and receptors, cannot distort images critical to the successful outcome of diagnostic imaging procedures, and effectively warms patients.


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