ASTOPAD® Resistive

Change the way you think about patient warming with ASTOPAD. This resistive patient warming system enables virtually silent and air-flow-free active warming to help the patient maintain their normothermic temperature throughout the perioperative journey for all surgical patients.

The ASTOPAD blanket is a soft, flexible, reusable and comfortable pad that utilizes Gentherm’s Carbotex® heating technology. The versatile pad can also be used as a patient warming blanket. Each blanket has 8 sensors embedded throughout to prevent hot spots and ensure patient safety. It can be battery operated, is radiolucent for medical X-ray and can be used in nearly any patient positioning scenario.

控制器的温度设置范围是 32℃ 至 39℃,可单独设置,精度增量为 0.5℃。





集成可充电电池,可连续使用 2 小时,支持在运输过程中加温

SMART mode

2 个独立控制的加温毯连接口,可实现全身加温

Used in a Variety of Medical Departments

每条毯子配备 8 个传感器,可防止热点产生,同时最大限度地提高能量传输

Data Export Software is available

Astopad 系统不会干扰高频手术器械

Data Export Software is available


Gentherm Carbotex

As the industry leader in automotive passenger thermal management, Gentherm is leveraging its innovative technology to provide advancements in patient temperature management. ASTOPAD blankets have been developed with Gentherm’s leading Carbotex heating technology, originally designed for comfort, warmth, reliability and safety.

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