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Empowering Future Leaders: Loyola High School & Gentherm Partnership


For the past five years, we have been honored to have the opportunity to partner with Loyola High School of Detroit, a school that nurtures a culture of hope and academic success for young men challenged by an urban environment. Through the Loyola Work Education Program (LWEP) our partnership introduces students to the world of technology and innovation at Gentherm as they are beginning to think about their future career paths. We are proud to say that this unique partnership has already begun to make a significant impact on the lives of the students.

As a global leader in thermal and pneumatic comfort technology, we provide solutions for the automotive and medical industries and are committed to fostering the growth of STEM in the next generation of leaders. Our partnership with Loyola High School is a reflection of this commitment.

Through LWEP, we provide a variety of resources and opportunities to Loyola students, including mentorship, job shadowing, and hands-on work experience. Students are placed in different departments to get them familiar with multiple aspects of the business, such as Human Resources (HR) and Quality Engineering. Students are on site at the Northville facility in which they have a mentor to guide them through daily tasks of the job.

“The Loyola Work Experience Program is an excellent program to help our business community invest in future talent, allow talented young men to gain exposure during high school and help them get a flavor of the working world. I really appreciate how this program is a win-win for companies, Loyola High and the young men of Loyola. I personally love supporting the school and its mission to help ‘Men for Others, Men for Detroit’.”

Barb Runyon, SVP & Chief Human Resources Officer at Gentherm

Loyola High School Principal and Director of the LWEP, Mr. Kenneth Gardner, expressed his passion and pride about the partnership, saying, “Gentherm helps give our students a chance by giving them a competitive edge to get into the college of their choice. The job teaches them the rules of engagement to be professional, team building importance, and working together for a common goal.”

The impact of this partnership has allowed students at Loyola High School to gain valuable experience and exposure, giving them a competitive advantage when they enter the workforce. The partnership has helped to bridge the gap between what they learn in the classroom and the workplace, providing a real-world context to their education.

One student, Xavier Cobb, explained “The work experience program has been a great opportunity for me. It helps me build character and has gotten me to look into different aspects of what I want to do when I get older” with regards to his mentorship program and time at Gentherm.

Our partnership with Loyola High School is a great example of how we are making a real impact in the community. By investing in education and providing opportunities for underrepresented students, we are not only helping to create a more diverse and inclusive workforce but also making a positive impact on the lives of the next generation.

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