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Evolving Electric Vehicles of the Future

Evolving Electric Vehicles of the Future

Electric vehicles (EVs) have evolved the traditional systems and components requirements for the operation of internal combustion engines. Not surprisingly, this same shift of streamlined efficiency is already occurring within EVs themselves, particularly in the realm of electrical connectivity.

A recognized world leader in Battery Performance Solutions, Gentherm has engineered and developed innovative solutions that provide a solution for OEMs to eliminate hundreds of wires and connections from previous architectures, thereby enhancing the range, performance, safety and reliability of EVs.

New Battery Management system technologies also collect cell data that is used to monitor in-cell temperatures, identify when preventive maintenance is required, accurately determine the state of charge, and detect performance-critical conditions before significant damage can occur.

Learn how traditional wire setups can be replaced by advanced digital-voltage and temperature-sensing solutions, with expert insights and explanations from a Project Engineer and the Director of Advanced Electrification Technology at an industry leader of developing thermal technologies in this informative SME article How to Improve EVs.

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