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Gentherm’s WellSense™ Debuts at CES 2024: Revolutionizing Automotive Comfort

Gentherm’s WellSense™ Debuts at CES 2024: Revolutionizing Automotive Comfort

Gentherm made waves during the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) with the debut of WellSense™, a software-defined consumer experience portfolio that delivers customized in-cabin comfort sensations promoting wellness and well-being.

WellSense technology leverages science-based physiology research as the foundation for proprietary software that orchestrates heating, cooling, lumbar, and massage comfort products. WellSense experience packages are available as part of a Software Development Kit (SDK), suitable for software defined vehicles (SDVs) and over-the-air (OTA) feature upgrades for all vehicle configurations.

“The WellSense SDK leverages thermal and pneumatic solutions to create science-based experiences in vehicle cabins that make a meaningful difference to consumer’s health, wellness and well-being,” said Matt Mallette, Senior Research Scientist at Gentherm. “These experiences are focused on enhancing physical and cognitive well-being and promoting healthy lifestyles. Some of the key experiences that are part of our broad portfolio, and consumers will greatly appreciate, are centered around thermal wellness, femme care, enhancing alertness, guided breathing, and pre & post-workout readiness.”

Mallette has been involved in the WellSense technology development since its inception and presented the technology at CES alongside HARMAN. The WellSense display, integrated with HARMAN Seat Sonic experience, offered a spectrum of holistic experiences, utilizing thermal and massage technologies including use cases of integration with in-cabin technology like audio. Attendees relished the immersive experiences, which showcased WellSense’s potential to enhance automotive comfort beyond conventional standards. “Wow factor was a common theme – people didn’t want to leave, they just wanted to sit down and enjoy the experience,” said Mallette.


WellSense also aligns with emerging automotive trends, especially in comfort and safety. By integrating with sensor technologies, like HARMAN ReadyCare, WellSense can help alleviate driver fatigue or drowsiness, contributing to enhanced safety and well-being during travel.

“Looking ahead, WellSense’s potential to shape the future of automotive technology is profound,” said Shivdeep Singh, Vice President Product Management for Climate & Comfort at Gentherm. “I envision a future where vehicles become personalized spaces for relaxation, productivity, and wellness activities. As SDV architectures roll out across OEM landscapes, Gentherm’s WellSense scalable platform can easily integrate with other in-cabin technologies through OTA updates to provide differentiated experiences and comfort to consumers while providing post-vehicle sale digital revenue opportunities for our OEM customers.”

WellSense marks a significant step forward in redefining automotive comfort and well-being and has garnered attention and praise from industry experts and consumers alike. As automotive technology continues to evolve, WellSense stands poised to lead the charge in enhancing the in-cabin experience.

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