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Embracing Diversity: Celebrating African American Art and Culture at Gentherm

Embracing Diversity: Celebrating African American Art and Culture at Gentherm

In Gentherm’s diverse team landscape where individuals bring their unique passions and talents to their daily roles, Jasma Motley stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to fostering creativity and inclusivity. As a valued member of the team, Jasma intertwines her personal journey of artistry and growth with a steadfast dedication to promoting diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEI+B) within the organization.

Jasma’s journey at Gentherm began in 2017 as an intern before transitioning into a full-time role as a Quality Engineer. Jasma is a versatile professional, lending her expertise to projects outside of her department such as compliance, purchasing, sustainability, and DEI+B initiatives.

Jasma’s impact at Gentherm transcends her professional duties. As an active participant in DEI+B, she serves as a voice for inclusion, advocating for change and spearheading initiatives aimed at fostering a more equitable workplace. Her involvement in organizing this year’s Black History Month celebration, themed around African Americans in the Arts, showcased her commitment to amplifying diverse voices and talents.

The event, curated by Jasma and her colleague Ashley Conaway, showcased African American art and culture. This inspiring showcase featured local artistic talents, including apparel from Grassfields, music from Max Bowen, visual arts from Art by Ty, Customs by KYT and Dope Chicks Rock Dope Kicks, and popcorn from Detroit’s Poppin’ Top Hat. Jasma’s own contributions to the event unveiled a hidden talent previously unknown to many of her colleagues, her passion for art.

Jasma’s artistic journey traces back to her childhood, where she was immersed in a world of creativity guided by her mother’s influence. Despite a hiatus from art during her early adulthood, Jasma rediscovered her passion during challenging times, finding solace and healing in the act of creation. The Black History Month event not only provided a platform for her artwork, but also served as a personal growth moment, pushing her outside her comfort zone and into the spotlight. Jasma’s acrylic pour piece, named ‘Core,’ resonated with her colleagues, eliciting admiration and sparking conversations. Despite initial hesitations, the positive feedback she received served as a confidence booster, affirming the power of art to connect people and transcend boundaries.

“I grew up surrounded by art, mimicking my mom’s freehand painting. I never imagined showcasing my work here, but this event pushed me beyond my comfort zone. It’s been a rewarding journey of personal growth.”

Beyond her artistic pursuits, Jasma embodies the spirit of continuous learning and personal development. Her involvement in DEI+B initiatives, and her reflections on the importance of fostering a more inclusive workplace, underscore her commitment to creating a positive impact, both within Gentherm and the broader community.

As Gentherm continues to evolve and embrace diversity in all its forms, individuals like Jasma Motley stand as shining examples of the transformative power of passion, creativity, and inclusion. Through her journey, she inspires others to embrace their hidden talents, contribute authentically, and collectively shape a brighter, more inclusive future.

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