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Advancing the Science
of Battery Performance

For decades, we've been improving vehicle occupant comfort with our heating and cooling solutions. Now, with the rise of electro mobility, another crucial factor comes into play: the vehicle traction battery. It's sensitive to extreme temperatures and requires specialized thermal management to deliver consistent, reliable performance.

Our expert teams specialize in developing solutions to monitor battery temperature and maintain the ideal range for optimal performance. This dedication to battery performance and safety has made us a trusted partner for automotive and battery OEMs around the globe.

Advancing the Science of Battery Performance Advancing the Science of Battery Performance
Driving Progress
Through Innovation
Driving Progress Through Innovation

Our flexible printed circuits (FPC) are the result of an innovative and sustainable mechanical structuring process. We have refined this patented technology, becoming an industry pioneer in manufacturing foil conductors for battery cell connecting systems and next-generation direct battery heaters

This groundbreaking technology operates on a single roll-to-roll machine, without the need for chemical etching or ink printing. When compared to traditional copper circuit etching, our process reduces CO₂ equivalent emissions by up to 98% and cuts water consumption by up to 91%. For aluminum circuits, CO₂ emissions are reduced by up to 99%, and water consumption is reduced by up to 98%. These significant reductions have been independently verified by the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT.

Battery Thermal
Battery Heating

Our mechanical structuring process creates fast and efficient performing foil heating elements. Gentherm thermal management experts assist in determining the best placement, calculating performance, and designing patterns to improve energy efficiency in direct heating. Thorough simulations are conducted to demonstrate system effectiveness before production begins, ensuring optimal performance.

Battery Heating
Battery Cooling
Battery Air Cooling

Gentherm’s blower-based air-cooling solutions are designed for battery systems in mild hybrid EVs, 48V batteries and 12V systems. Our comprehensive system approach delivers a compact design, efficient noise levels, and versatile control interfaces (LIN, PWM, or voltage control) in systems that integrate seamlessly into the unique architecture of each customer.

Thermoelectric Cooling and Heating for Mild Hybrids EVs

Thermoelectrics (TE) is a core expertise of ours, primarily utilized in automotive climate-controlled seats. This technology offers a unique advantage, combining both heating and cooling functions within a single device, precisely adapted to real-time needs.

Since 2017, we've extended our TE capabilities to integrate these technologies seamlessly into our battery thermal management system, earning the trust of leading battery and vehicle manufacturers worldwide. Through the application of Peltier elements, our solutions effectively regulate the temperature of the battery's cooling circuit, preventing overheating or under-cooling issues. The thermoelectric effect delivers rapid temperature adjustments that are unmatched by alternatives such as liquid-based systems.

High Performance Cooling: Direct Evaporative Liquid Technology

Rapid battery charging is essential for electromobility products, yet traditional systems are not conducive to sustained high-level charging. To overcome this, Gentherm has collaborated with Carrar, an Israeli tech developer specializing in cutting-edge thermal management for electric mobility. Through this partnership, we have introduced direct evaporation liquid technology; a groundbreaking cooling solution that enhances durability and safety concerns across automotive battery systems, powertrains, and electronics.

Cell Connecting

Our cell connection systems ensure secure and reliable current transmission between cells, while continuously monitoring vital parameters like temperature and voltage. Specializing in automotive battery cell connections, we're committed to enhancing performance and prolonging energy storage system life.

With a proven track record of extensive industry use over the years, this wire-based system incorporates a sensor wiring harness supported by a lightweight plastic frame to ensure precise fit and exceptional stability.

Produced with our uniquely sustainable Mechanical Structuring Process, Gentherm’s flexible foil conductors outperform traditional intricate wiring harnesses by reducing system weight and saving space. Coated foils use integrated sensors and connectors as conductors, fortified by an additional layer of lamination for improved safety.

Ideal when installation space is extremely limited, we also offer frameless foil conductor systems. These solutions can be equipped with electronic components or combined with a circuit board, depending on application requirements.
Cable Technology

With over four decades of experience combined with global development and manufacturing capabilities, Gentherm can deliver solutions for virtually any cable and harness requirement. We produce more than 140 million parts per year, which further illustrates the results of our relentless commitment to innovation and quality.

Cable Technology
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