A scalable intelligent automotive microclimate comfort solution

ClimateSense is a break-through innovation that moves the vehicle to a future where occupant thermal comfort features are coordinated with the automatic central HVAC system within a vehicle to provide an optimized in-cabin experience.

This game changing solution uses localized convective and conductive heating and cooling, plus radiative heating to create a personalized comfort experience for each occupant while reducing vehicle energy consumption by up to 85%*.

ClimateSense ClimateSense

The Future of 
Thermal Comfort

Breakthroughs based on Science

ClimateSense breakthroughs are rooted in our customer-centric approach to vehicle thermal comfort.

Gentherm’s proprietary thermophysiology knowledge and research drives our patented physics-based software algorithms (ClimateSense Intelligence software) which coordinate our integrated intelligent heating and cooling hardware (ClimateSense Effectors) to automatically determine which areas of the body to target at specific intensity and duration for optimal comfort.

ClimateSense Intelligence & Comfort Algorithm ClimateSense Intelligence & Comfort Algorithm

ClimateSense Intelligence & Comfort Algorithm

At the core of the ClimateSense solution is Gentherm's physics-based software algorithm, predicting and regulating Overall Thermal Sensation (OTS) for each vehicle occupant. Unlike vehicles with only a conventional automatic HVAC system, ClimateSense intelligence software uses proprietary models that calculate heat transfer from each of the micro-climate heating and cooling effectors and central HVAC. This provides the capability to heat one zone while cooling another, providing an elevated level of personalized, multi-zone comfort.

ClimateSense Effectors 

The ClimateSense Effector products combine thermal hardware, sensing, and software to provide variable set point control and real time feedback. Our sensing solution provides dynamic surface temperature and outlet air temperature estimation in real time to the comfort master ECU. This enables the master ECU to estimate the impact of each ClimateSense effector on the occupant and how much it can reduce central HVAC heating and cooling power while ensuring comfort.

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