Extraordinary in-cabin experiences leverage Gentherm’s proprietary, science-based physiological research as the foundation for software that orchestrates thermal and pneumatic technologies, delivering sensations that promote wellness and well-being.

WellSense establishes a new category within Gentherm’s value proposition, offering a scalable platform suitable for software-defined vehicles (SDV) and over-the-air (OTA) feature upgrades for all vehicle architectures.

WellSense™ WellSense™

Comfort & Wellness are at the center of everything we do.


As a global leading automotive supplier of thermal and pneumatic products, our expertise and research capabilities in human physiology position us strongly to create a portfolio of enriched user experiences.

With over 5,000 hours of scientific testing and analysis, each WellSense experience has been scientifically crafted to target specific areas of the body, providing an experience that supports the improvement of occupant wellness and well-being.


Each WellSense mode is driven by proprietary science-based software that orchestrates Gentherm technologies to achieve enhanced experiences beyond traditional seat comfort solutions in vehicles today.

As the industry transitions to SDV, routine OTA updates will ensure the vehicle stays current without requiring hardware changes. This presents additional revenue opportunities for our OEM customers throughout the vehicle lifecycle irrespective of the vehicle powertrain (internal combustion, hybrid, and full electric).


The WellSense software development kit (SDK) can be combined with additional vehicle features such as in-cabin audio, visual and aromatic stimulation to deliver unique sensations that go beyond traditional comfort regulation to help promote individual wellness and well-being.

WellSense is a scalable solution that orchestrates a symphony of sensations that relax and rejuvenate passengers. Gentherm has developed a library of scientifically designed experiences around the following themes:

Modes that utilize heating and massage to alleviate muscle tension, promoting relaxation of the mind, and providing support for individuals with lower back complaints or females during their menstrual journey.

Modes that coordinate thermal and pneumatic technology to offer scientifically proven solutions designed to help keep a driver alert and reduce symptoms of motion sickness.

Modes that support a healthy lifestyle for the fitness community by providing pre and post-workout solutions. Additionally, further support for a healthy lifestyle is offered through experiences aimed at targeting stress management.
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