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Our seat comfort products are, and have always been, at the forefront of industry trends and innovation. As we pioneer cutting-edge technologies, we're reshaping the potential of automotive interiors and empowering our customers to outperform their rivals. We incorporate fresh ideas that enhance occupant comfort and improve energy efficiency with superior technology, uncompromising quality, and world-class craftsmanship.

Climate and Comfort Advancing the Science of Battery Performance
Climate Controlled
Seat (CCS®)

At Gentherm, we understand that it's about the person, not just the seat. Our approach to every solution and design is founded on personalized comfort. With our world-class engineering solutions, we bring our customers' seating visions to life, achieving unparalleled results that deliver improved performance with reduced energy consumption.

CCS® Heat

Driven by over six decades of thermal innovation, we are the industry leaders in providing our customers with the highest quality seat heating technologies, including robust and proven wire heating, over-sewable and near-surface integration, carbon heating solutions and more.

Gentherm’s CCS Heat innovative solutions use both power boost and zonal heating technologies to rapidly achieve desired seating temperatures with reduced energy requirements — an essential benefit for battery-powered EVs.

Our extensive research, development, test and quality assurance protocols ensure that our products surpass our customers’ expectations.

CCS® Vent

Created with decades of expertise in the development and integration of automotive seat ventilation systems, Gentherm CCS Vent delivers a pleasant, dry, and comfortable microclimate on the seat surface by providing fast and efficient ventilation with either push or pull technology. It’s just one of our many in-house-designed Air Moving Devices (blowers), created with a laser focus on best-in-class performance, optimized design, noise reduction, platform products and space optimization.

CCS® Active Cool

As the market leader in active seat climate control, Gentherm’s CCS Active technology uses Intelligent Micro Thermal Module (iMTM) technology to rapidly deliver localized comfort zones throughout the vehicle. Intelligent software oversees this highly efficient system, guiding an innovative stepper motor to optimize airflow management while conserving onboard energy.

CCS® Neck Conditioner

Recognizing that the neck and shoulders are among the most temperature-sensitive areas of the human body, our CCS Neck Conditioner uses an integrated smart control PTC heating element and micro blower to deliver targeted in-vehicle climate control that creates energy-saving microclimate zones of personalized comfort. This advanced technology enhances the year-round comfort of closed-roof models while extending the seasonal enjoyment of convertible vehicles.

Climate Controlled
Interior (CCI™)

Unlike traditional vehicle systems that rely on air circulation to adjust temperatures within the cabin, our Climate Controlled Interior (CCI) solution provides precise heating across virtually any surface. This versatile technology adapts to OEM requirements with the ability to warm almost any area, from the steering wheel and armrests to door panels and footwells for second and third row passengers.

CCI™ Steering Wheel Heat

Among the comfort enhancements offered in vehicles, heated steering wheels are now a typical inclusion in the majority of models. Gentherm’s advanced thermal technology makes it possible for OEMs to incorporate 
this popular amenity in any steering wheel design and material. Combined with our cutting-edge Hands-On Detection (HOD) system, it’s the pinnacle 
of driving comfort and safety.

CCI™ Interior Heat

Engineered with conductive or radiant technology, our surface heating products transform door panels, armrests and other interior contact or not contact points into a source of comforting warmth. These customizable solutions optimize onboard energy use while delivering instantaneous, targeted heating and thermal comfort for all vehicle occupants.

CCI™ Footwell Conditioner

To address the challenge of delivering heating and ventilation to second and third row passengers in large SUVs and MPVs, Gentherm developed the CCI Footwell Conditioner product. Featuring an air moving device, PTC heater, temperature sensor and integrated controller, provides localized footwell heating and ventilation. This product supports OEMs who are looking to reduce energy consumption and eliminate the central heating circuit from auxiliary HVAC systems in future BEV applications.

Pneumatic Controlled
Seat (PCS™)

As the market leader in pneumatic lumbar and massage solutions, our technology enhances comfort and well-being allowing occupants to leave the vehicle feeling better than when the drive started.

Pneumatic Lumbar Support

Already proven in millions of vehicles around the world, Gentherm’s advanced pneumatic technology elevates seating comfort by offering precise personal settings, allowing occupants to select their ideal individual configuration. While air cushions comfortably conform to individual back pressure points, our exclusive valve technology ensures rapid, vibration-free response with every adjustment.

Pneumatic Massage

Preventing tension and delivering unique relaxing moments makes seat massage systems to one of the most sought-after comfort automotive features today. Our engineering and thermophysiology experts have seamlessly integrated seat massage systems with advanced thermal comfort features, revolutionizing passenger experience in vehicles. This integration aims to optimize comfort and well-being, offering a harmonious blend of relaxation and temperature management for an unparalleled travel experience. Up to 14 air chambers, controlled by our patented SMA valve technology, ensure the best performance with a long-lasting effect and a large-scale massage of the entire back area.


Gentherm’s Puls.A uses precision micro air pressure bursts to deliver a soothing, pulsating massage that lets drivers and passengers enjoy deep, personal relaxation on every trip. This breakthrough, award-winning, technology is entering OEM production and further accelerates the evolution of the vehicle comfort experience.

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