WarmAir® and FilteredFlo®

Patient Warming System

When it comes to perioperative care, safeguarding patients against intraoperative hypothermia is paramount. WarmAir Convective Warming System is your trusted solution in maintaining normothermia and providing unmatched comfort throughout the surgical journey.

Why Choose Gentherm's WarmAir System with FilteredFlo® Air Blankets?

Our innovative WarmAir convective warming system, coupled with FilteredFlo blankets, revolutionizes the patient warming experience. FilteredFlo air blankets transfer heat to the patient by using gentle, diffused air flow to effectively create a microclimate of warm air between the patient and the air blanket.1

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Four levels of therapy

Compact and lightweight

High and low temperature alarms

FilteredFlo® Patient Warming Blankets

The unique design of the FilteredFlo patient warming blankets leverages diffusion, where warm air flows through the nanoporous fabric of the blanket into the patient microclimate. This type of air flow reduces wasted warm air from escaping into the operating room environment and prevents the blanket from lofting or floating off the patient.

Filtration Capabilities

The proprietary design of the FilteredFlo air blankets works as a filter against aerosolized bacteria and viruses.1 Quantified by an external laboratory performing standardized bacterial and viral filtration efficiency testing, FilteredFlo blankets are 93.8% efficient at filtering aerosolized bacteria with similar result for viral filtration. The blanket portfolio includes various sizes and shapes for nearly any perioperative scenario.

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Filtration Capabilities
Blanket Portfolio
Low Profile Stand for Easy Mobility

The Universal stand can be used with the WarmAir® unit by attaching the unit to the pole of the stand.

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