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Fluid Systems

Designed and developed with our extensive expertise in advanced injection molding and innovative valve technology like SMA actuating, Gentherm’s Automotive Fluid System Valves provide intelligent solutions for a variety of critical applications including Fuel Management, Engine Systems, and Brake Vacuum Support.

Fluid Systems Fluid Systems
Advanced Fuel Management

Our customized fuel tank filling, regulation ventilation systems are engineered as modular components, facilitating any necessary adaptations to meet current and future emission standards. In addition to essential fuel management functions, our solutions also secure negative pressure in servo assistance systems, control vacuum pumps, and provide integral support functions for hybrid and electric vehicles.

Controlled Air Flow

Engineered to combine durability and superior thermal stability, our specialized actuators are ideal for advanced modern engine systems, providing essential functions ranging from crank case ventilation, air conditioning and electronics cooling to multiple thermal management applications.

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