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Electronics providers for the medical, health and fitness industries have to worry about more than just competitive advantage when choosing a partner. The industry’s high standards create an urgency for excellence not everyone can achieve.

We understand the needs of these organizations. In addition to our own high standards of quality, service and design, we operate in strict compliance with standards outlined in ISO 13485 . We are also RoHS-compliant and certified to ISO/TS 16949:2009 and ISO14001 standards.

Medical, Health and Fitness Experience

Our fully integrated design, engineering, testing and manufacturing process begins with your end product’s quality and reliability in mind. We utilize the latest 3D modeling software and cutting edge insertion technology. Full automation and strict supplier ratings keep costs low and quality and reliability high. The result? High quality, reliable and safe products that meet or exceed the highest standards.

Our team can coordinate efficient agency approvals for your products by UL, CSA, VDE, TUV, AGA and CGA. High-speed automated surface-mount and through-hole technology offers superior quality, exceptional precision for even the smallest components, tremendous flexibility and efficient change-over from product to product.

Our unique Total Acquisition Management™ (T.A.M.) process ensures competitive pricing through a wide range of volumes. Our supplier rating system ensures the highest material standards and reduces lead times.

Biometric Monitoring System

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