Thermal is only the Beginning

By building on the foundations of innovative thermal technology, we have created an organization that celebrates change and is constantly poised to capitalize on new market opportunities.  And it’s been that way since the beginning.  Each milestone epitomizes our efforts to continue investing in our business and our employees to remain leaders with the expectation of long-term growth and enhanced profitability.

The Foundation of Thermal Expertise

We first opened our doors in Southern California in 1991 as Amerigon, investigating a broad spectrum of technologies, including thermal electric devices. We found technologies that were historically applied in aerospace and defense could disrupt other industries including automotive.

Eye on the Future

By 2011, increased global demand for our unique technologies led us to acquire W.E.T. Automotive Systems – ensuring greater manufacturing capabilities and adding to our global footprint.

In 2016, we acquired Cincinnati Sub-Zero, a leading provider of temperature management equipment serving the medical industry. 

In 2017, we acquired Etratech, an electronics market leader specializing in design, development and manufacturing of advanced electronic controls.