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Technology that’s Shaping the Vehicle of the Future


Once the stuff of cartoons and science fiction, the outrageous depictions of what cars of the future might be like are rapidly becoming rolling realities.

Incredible new technologies are redefining everything from energy sources and vehicle propulsion methods to occupant comfort, and innovative solutions from Gentherm are leading the way.

Progressive OEMs are initiating programs to reimagine the vehicle interior of the future. As the originators of the first thermoelectrically heated and cool seat system for the automotive industry, Gentherm is partnering with manufacturers to provide solutions that are taking occupant comfort to an entirely new level.

One of our most recent creations is ClimateSense®; a breakthrough solution that provides a personalized microclimate of individualized multi-zone comfort for every passenger in the vehicle.

Recognizing that the HVAC system is the second largest source of energy consumption in an EV, ClimateSense is engineered to minimize energy use and contribute to overall vehicle ecosystem efficiency.

It’s this relentless commitment to continuous improvement that keeps us a step ahead of emerging trends and poised to partner seamlessly with leading OEMs in the development of essential new solutions.

At Gentherm, we develop and manufacture our own electronic and software solutions, allowing us to integrate full systems for our customers.

Through our integrated network of global operations, we are able to share ideas, leverage key learnings and adapt technologies that our teams have developed for clients in other disciplines, like the medical field, and utilize these human-centric systems to create new thermal management solutions that are adapted and customized for automotive applications.

The result is a complete range of advanced passenger thermal comfort solutions, engineered to combine with enhanced EV thermal management solutions that improve battery performance while improving the overall efficiency of the entire electrical system.

See how our commitment to developing purposeful new technologies is creating solutions that help improve lives around the world.

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