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Accelerating Automotive Evolution

Accelerating Automotive Evolution

The rise of electrification in the automotive industry is accelerating each year. The vehicles we’ve been accustomed to for decades are being reimagined and reinvented as a new generation of Electric Vehicles (EVs), poised to deliver never-before-seen levels of efficiency, comfort and performance.

In this edition of Autoline After Hours, Gentherm’s President and CEO Phil Eyler joined other industry experts to share insights into some of Gentherm’s breakthrough new technologies that are driving this evolution.

From managing the intense heat generated during rapid EV battery charging to thermal solutions that warm those same batteries to enhance cold-weather performance, thermoelectric technology solutions developed by Gentherm optimize performance and extend the service life of vehicle batteries.

With their ability to deliver more function while reducing energy use, these solutions contribute to the driving range of electric vehicles.

This increased energy efficiency is also essential to systems that deliver comfort and wellness for vehicle occupants, as expectations for advanced features and in-vehicle connectivity and convenience continue to expand.

Utilizing thermophysiology learnings from products developed for the medical industry, Gentherm engineers have leveraged this same thermoelectric technology to develop heating and cooling solutions optimized for in-vehicle applications. The result is a revolutionary ClimateSense® system that creates personalized microclimates around the individual.

Not only does this innovative solution provide customized comfort zones for each individual occupant, it also reduces EV battery power consumption by as much as 70%, and increases vehicle driving range by up to 30% in cold temperature conditions.

Watch the full interview with Phil Eyler on Autoline After Hours.

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